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I am Isabella Heck.


Hey there, music lovers! My name is Isabella Heck, and I'm a multi-talented musician based in Dallas, Texas. I rock the bass, piano, and vocals and am a singer-songwriter. Currently, I'm studying at Booker T Washington, where my musical journey began in fourth grade with the clarinet. Since then, I've been on a musical adventure, picking up the bass guitar, guitar, piano, and even the ukulele along the way!

When it comes to my influences, I've got a killer lineup. Billie Eilish, James Jamerson, Norah Jones, and many more have inspired me to push the boundaries of my creativity and express myself through music. My dream is to become a music producer/engineer and a touring musician/artist, sharing my music with the world.

As a musician, my mission is all about connecting with others and inspiring them to explore their creativity. Through my original music, I aim to tell stories that resonate with the experiences and emotions of my fellow peers while also pushing the envelope and exploring new ideas. I'm all about honing my skills as a performer, songwriter, and audio engineer, and I'm stoked to be part of a community of like-minded musicians and music lovers.

But it's not all serious business! I'm all about spreading positivity and empowerment through my music and platforms. I want to bring a fun and fresh perspective to the music scene, with my unique personality shining through. So, get ready to groove to some killer beats, connect with relatable stories, and join me on this wild musical ride. Let's rock the world together, one catchy tune at a time! #MusicIsLife #GenZVibes #EmpoweredByMusic

Did I mention that I also rock out in a super cool band called A.I.? We're all about bringing our unique spin to covers from artists like Norah Jones to Dolly Parton and beyond! It's all about putting our twist on the classics and ensuring our audience has a blast on the dance floor. We love jamming together, experimenting with different genres, and bringing fun-loving GenZ vibes to every performance. So, whether we're playing an intimate gig or rocking a big stage, you can bet we're bringing the house down with our groovy tunes and killer energy! #BandLife #AIFunTimes #MusicForTheSoul

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