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Audio Engineering and Production

"Experience the Sound of Success: Unlock Your Music's Full Potential with my Audio Engineering and Production Services!"

As a passionate aspiring audio engineer and music producer, I am driven by my dream to create professional-quality music and elevate the sound of up-and-coming local bands in Dallas.  Although I may not have extensive experience, I am honing my skills through self-teaching and studying at Booker T Washington.  As a member of my own band: A.I band, I take charge of all the recordings, showcasing my ability to work independently and produce high-quality tracks.  I want to work with clients who are looking for a fresh and innovative approach to music production.  I am eager to contribute my talents to the local music scene and help artists achieve their vision by producing cutting-edge soundscapes that captivate listeners while giving you a great break on price because you are a part of my early journey in this game.

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